Extract from the statutes of the association:
    ART. 2.—BIZKAI euskal folklor elkartea has its own legal identity, which is independent of each of its associates, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 35 and subsequent articles of the Civil Code. It consequently holds full legal capacity to be the subject of rights and liabilities, and may acquire, possess, enjoy and dispose of all types of goods. It is a non-profit making organisation.

ART. 3.—The Association regulated herein, is founded as an institution of research, study, conservation, encouragement and dissemination of traditional culture in general, but with particular emphasis upon Basque culture and specifically Dance .
Autonomia kalea, 44 behea. 48010 Bilbo-Bizkaia. Euskal Herria
Eusko Jaurlaritzaren Kultur aretoan. Tel./fax 94 421 01 61