Sabin Egiguren Apraiz




Attends his first dance classes at the age of ten. His teacher is Bittor de Olaeta (Director of Ballets OLAETA, in Bilbao).

1969. Joins the Basque dance group Bizi nai and in 1962 Gaztedi, in Bilbao.

1962-63. Directs the Basque dance group Edurre, in Ariz-Basauri.

1964. Goes to Paris where he performs with the professional company ETORKI, in a six-day run of their new show at the "Theatre Champs Elyssées".

Founds the Basque dance group Gorantza, subsequently renamed Herrikoi and eventually BIZKAI euskal dantzari taldea.

After several years' work, Egiguren stages the complete cycle of nine dances known as Dantzari-dantza for the first time, with BIZKAI euskal folklor elkartea.

He also stages the Soka-dantza from the Durango area, including the Erregelak.

1969. With Gorantza, —now BIZKAI euskal folklor elkartea— Egiguren sends out a letter to all the groups in Bizkaia and some in Gipuzkoa and Araba (150 in total). In it, Gorantza offers to teach them to dance the authentic Biscayan Dantzari-dantza which the group had learnt in Garai (Bizkaia) from the most famous dantza-maisus from the Merindad of Durango. The offer is widely accepted.

With this change in the steps and choreographies of the Dantzari-dantza, the authentic Dantzari-dantza from the Merindad of Durango is restored by all the dance groups of Basque Country performing it publicly, replacing an erroneous version of the dance handed down by the federation of Basque Youth in Bilbao and performed since the beginning of the twentieth century.

1969. Egiguren returns to the ETORKI company in Paris with whom he embarks on a four-month tour of various European countries.

Other activities

In 1976 Egiguren presents a new project to the assembly of BIZKAI dantzari taldea, today know as BIZKAI. Ohizko Euskal Dantzaren Eskola. This was the first traditional Basque dance school in the Basque Country.

1977. July. Directs the "Basque Folk Dance Workshop" at the 15 International Tanzwerkstatt Bonn´87 (15th International Dance Workshop of Bonn´87), held in Bonn (Germany).

Sabin Egiguren Apraiz —and under his direction, BIZKAI euskal dantzari taldea— won many prizes.

He directed and coordinated a large number of folk festivals, some of which had a huge significance for the Basque Country.

He was the promoter and subsequent co-founder of Euskal Dantzarien Biltzarra (Association of Dantzaris and Federation of Basque Dance Groups of the Basque Country) in Bizkaia, in which he held the position of president.

1977. He sat on the national governing board of EDB in the Basque Country, and the governing board of Bizkaia, until his resignation from the two bodies in 1979.

He is currently chairman of the board of BIZKAI euskal folklor elkartean.


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