ART. 4.—In pursuit of these aims BIZKAI euskal folklor elkarteak proposes to undertake the following activities:


    — Creation of a Documentation Department with the following specialist sections:
  — Library
— Film library (cinema-video)
— Record Library
— Music Library
— Slide library
— Photo library

— Formation of work groups for researching, filing, studying and reviving the following aspects of traditional culture:
  — Dance steps and choreographies
— Music and musical instruments
— Costumes

— Training of Dantza-maisus (teachers) with an in-depth knowledge of dance and choreography, and Basque culture in general. Once trained, said teachers may occupy working positions in public and private educational centres, dance schools, folk groups, dance centres, etc.

— Organisation of any kind of activity that is in some way considered to be similar and complementary to the aims pursued by the Association.

— Extension and dissemination of traditional culture to all possible spheres with the resources available to the association. Thus, brochures, books, discs, tapes, CDs, collections of photographs and slides, films on video, etc., shall be produced under the auspices of the Association, using either its own resources or those of private individuals or other public or private institutions.

— Creation of a work team for gathering and noting, with the most modern audio-visual systems that current technology permits, any live display of traditional culture.

— Creation of Dance Schools.

— Creation of Dance Centres.

— Organisation of Dance Courses and Workshops.

— Organisation of seminars, conferences and meetings, nationally and abroad, that serve to encourage and motivate scholars, researchers and lovers of traditional culture.

— Organisation of any display of traditional culture, nationally and abroad, which as well as serving as entertainment, may also serve to motivate the general public to collaborate in achieving the statutory objectives of BIZKAI.

— Establishing contact with institutions and official or private bodies, operating nationally or abroad, to collaborate effectively in the research, study, defence, conservation and encouragement of traditional culture.

— Participation as a study group or dissemination group at dance seminars, conferences, courses or workshops, working meetings addressing issues of traditional culture, etc., organised in this country or abroad.

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